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Writing Guidelines for Content Published in
“Health Tips from the Professor”

Demographic Target Audience:

The demographic target audience for “Health Tips from the Professor” is middle aged women who are married – usually with children. Many are professionals. They are college educated, have a median salary of 80K, and are interested in health & fitness. They may, for example, shop for organic produce at health food stores and engage in activities like yoga, golf & Pilates.

They like to keep abreast of the latest developments in health and fitness. They may be searching for health guidance or searching for more information on the latest health headlines they just read. They are looking for alternative health information that isn’t a bunch of hype and half-truths. They want information they can trust.

Mission Statement:

“Health Tips from the Professor” is dedicated to providing busy professionals with cutting edge health information in a way that is both scientifically accurate and understandable. Our goal is to keep you abreast of the latest developments in health, nutrition and fitness. We will cut through the sensational headlines and hype to let you know what information you can trust, and we will provide you with this information in a straight-forward manner so that you can apply it to your personal health goals


The title of each article should be crafted so that it clearly addresses a common question that our demographic audience would have about the topic that you are addressing:

Sections and Articles Published in “Health Tips from the Professor”
Section Length Purpose
Introduction 50-100 words To get the reader excited about the issue
Main Essay 500-1,000 words To describe a single topic that is interesting and actionable
The Bottom Line 50-100 words Summary and actionable steps or specific recommendations for the reader
Check-It-Out 50-100 words To get reader to click on your link

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