Warm Up Before Stretching

Avoid Muscle Pain Before It Starts

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Happy Thanksgiving!

give thanksNovember is the month that reminds us to be grateful for all the blessings we enjoy because we are Americans.  Of course, we should be grateful every day for the freedoms we have in this beautiful country! Have you thought about the freedom you enjoy the most?  For me it’s the freedom to worship however I choose because we don’t have a particular religion forced on us. I also love the fact that I can own my business and move it anywhere I like in the entire country.

I hope you’ll give some thought to what you are grateful for as this happy holiday draws near.


Should we warm up before stretching?


Avoid Muscle Pain Before It Starts


Now that the weather has turned cooler in all parts of the USA, more people are exercising outdoors.  Are you?  Be sure to warm up your muscles before you go running or cycling.  One good way to gently and effectively warm up your joints is to bring them into their full range-of-motion. This is also a great morning routine when you first get up.

warm up before stretching ropeYou have been told to stretch before you exercise. However, stretching while a muscle is tied up with spasms that shorten its fibers may cause the muscle fibers to get micro-tears. You could be creating muscle pain rather than avoiding muscle pain.

As an analogy, think about what happens if you tie a rope in knots and then try to stretch it to its original length without first untying the knots.  That is exactly what happens when you try to stretch a muscle that is tight or has spasms.  Release the spasms by warming up first, and then stretch.  It works great and will assure that you don’t hurt worse after stretching than you did before you stretched.


Warm Up Before Stretching

warm up before stretching arms upThe key here is not attempting to stretch your muscles, but to just gently move your joints. Here is a whole-body warm-up procedure I recommend.

warm up before stretching arms outFirst, bring your arm all the way across the front of your body, then slowly help the movement by linking your opposite arm across your elbow and pull your arm toward your chest.  Repeat this with your opposite arm, loosening the back of your shoulders.  Only go to the point of “feels so good,” never to a point of pain.

Then bring both arms as far back as you can, releasing the front of your shoulders.  While you’re there, move your head and neck down toward your chest and around to the side, moving the top of your shoulders and neck.

warm up before stretching stretch backwarm up before stretching legs outNext, with your arms still out to the side, rotate your arms forward several times, and then backwards several times. Your intention is to move your shoulder joint in as many directions as possible, always doing the movement gently and slowly.

Warm up your waist and lower back by keeping your hips still and rotating your upper body as far to the left as you comfortably can, and then as far to the right.  The goal here is to gently move all the joints from your mid-back to your hips.

To loosen your hip joint, you’ll want to easily swing your leg back and forth. If you are standing with your foot on the floor, you’ll need to hold your foot up, so it clears the floor.

When possible, it’s good to be standing on a step or some books so the foot on your swinging leg will be relaxed. Below I am demonstrating by warm up before stretching legsstanding on two packs of copy paper.

warm up before stretching legs backStand with your right leg on a step, and then slowly and gently swing your left leg back and forth.  Let your leg drop, giving an easy stretch to your hip joint.  Then reverse so you can do the same to your right leg & hip.  Then hold on to something and swing your leg in front of you, going from side-to-side.

This entire program will take from 5-10 minutes of your time, and its goal is to just get your joints moving.  It should always feel good, like you are waking up your joints to prepare for the day. There are many good morning routines to loosen up joints that stiffen while sleeping.

After you have released the knots in your muscles, you can stretch safely.  Now you are ready to start your day!


How to Untie the Spasms that are Knotting Up Your Muscles


inner knee pain free livingIf your muscles have painful knots, this gentle warm-up procedure is not always enough. I also teach people how to untie the knots (spasms) that form in muscles. Those knots shorten the fibers and put a strain on the joints.  I always recommend that you apply direct pressure on the knots, holding the pressure for 30 seconds to press toxins out of the fibers and draw blood into the muscle.

warm up before stretching pain freeIf you have been to see me at my office, you know that I always teach how to do two or three of the Julstro Method self-treatments that will help you stop pain.  I’ve been doing this for years, and it works.

Back in 2001 I wrote my first self-treatment book titled The Pain-Free Triathlete. At the time most of my clients were either serious athletes or Ironman triathletes.  That ultimately expanded to become a book for the general public and in 2010 I wrote Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living.  Thanks to print-on-demand that book was constantly updated and revised, with the latest version being done in 2018.  Then I wrote the updated book for athletes titled: The Pain-Free Athlete. 

yoga pain relief dvdI also have a DVD stretching program that combines all the self-treatments with a safe Yoga stretching routine.  That DVD program is titled Focused Flexibility Training, although it started out as Trigger Point Yoga (only the name was changed).

warm up before stretching bacl pain solutionThe 15 Minute Back Pain Solution was another book added to the collection. This book focuses on the muscles that specifically cause low back pain, and hip/groin/knee pain, as well as sciatica.  Originally it was only available as a Kindle book, but it is now being printed and will be ready soon.

It’s not difficult to release the tight muscle spasms that are causing you pain, it just takes a bit of direction to know how to find the point and how to treat it.  Each of these books and DVD programs show you how to do that quickly and easily.

You can look at each of these books and programs by going to www.JulstroMethod.com/shop


Wishing you well,


Julie Donnelly


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